FOOTBALL GAMES Your Way To Success

The penalty made the Dawg’s additional point attempt a 35 yard effort instead of a 20 yard attempt. Essential, it rattled a group of young, new players, allowing the effort to be blocked as time expired, ending what could quickly have been an overtime game.

We won’t ever understand whether the additional point Football betting attempt will have been created by twenty yards out simply because the referee efficiently took the game out of the hands of the players as well as coaches in favor of interpreting the rule book by the letter of the law.

Of course embarrassed by the call upon reflection, and also by the fan as well as player response following the game, referee Larry Farina issued this statement in defense of his call:

“It is actually a celebration rule which we’re forced to call. It wasn’t a judgment call,” stated Farina to the media representatives.

David Perry, national coordinator for college football officiating, thought otherwise. While stating the penalty was right (according to the rules), Perry added that ALL phone calls are actually judgment calls. Amen, David, amen.

Jake Locker was obviously not taunting some BYU player. He wasn’t taking a look at any BYU player, throwing the football at any BYU player, speaking to any BYU player, or perhaps gesturing to any BYU player. He was just excited about scoring a touchdown on the final possible play of the game to generate a chance to tie the game and settle the end result in overtime.

Also the national coordinator for college football officiating conceded that the penalty couldn’t have been called whether judgment was worked out, saying “I believe it is safe to state on moments officials that are emotionally charged could be a bit more lenient.”

Naturally, Brigham Young coach Bronco Mendenhall completely agreed with and also defended the call. Why don’t you? It had been in his best interest to do it.

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