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The LGBTQ Freedom Fund predominantly bails out Brown and black LGBTQ people, dealing with them to make sure they get access to health services. This includes free HIV Testing/education, access to PrEP/PEP, referrals to health screenings, and hormone replacement therapy done by health professionals.

Pride Pins for the Greater Good Starting now until the conclusion of June, we will be launching our yearly Pride fundraiser plan featuring a premium Wumpus discord bot pin.

The Pride pin showcases the Progress Pride Flag, original design by Daniel Quasar, which seeks to be a lot more inclusive of the marginalized organizations to the community.Together with the standard rainbow color pattern for the Pride flag, it provides brown and black stripes to represent marginalized BIPOC, with the yellow, light blue, and colors that are gray to represent the Transgender Pride Flag.

The very first 2700 individuals that donate a minimum of twenty dolars will have the ability to purchase a celebratory Wumpus Pride pin, with hundred % of donation proceeds going to the LGBTQ Freedom Fund. We are expecting the pins to begin arriving in everyone’s hands in early August.

No matter whether it has twenty dolars for a pin or perhaps a two dolars donation, every small bit helps. You are able to get a pin by heading to our Tiltify page here.

Pride Does not End After June

Even after the donation drive of ours ends, which does not imply the struggle is more than. The Freedom Fund works year round to give off POC and LGBTQ people from incarceration.

Additionally, we would love to showcase a couple of extra businesses that focus on LGBTQ communities of color: The Marsha P. Johnson Institute: A company protecting and protecting the human rights of Black transgender individuals by organizing, advocating, creating an intentional community to heal, developing transformative leadership, as well as encouraging collective strength.

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